Cover photo: Solar panels on the terrace of the EXO, Soluciones Tecnológicas building in the neighborhood of Boedo, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.

Mobile health, telemedicine or telehealth is becoming increasingly important worldwide.

Leading Latin American telehealth physicians met at the Regional Seminar on Mobile Health Solutions "Ritmos", held at the national technology solutions company EXO in the technological district of the City of Buenos Aires.

Importance of telemedicine and experiences in the region

The meeting, aimed at healthcare professionals interested in the subject, focused on the importance and benefits of telemedicine and the experiences in different countries in the region, legal aspects and the digital health strategy within the framework of universal healthcare coverage.

Technologies for mobile satellite connectivity, APPs and telemedicine and telehealth solutions for prevalent chronic diseases were also presented.

Quality assistance with less economic investment

Among the advantages of incorporating technology into medical care and practices, specialists highlighted the possibility of improving services in precarious or remote areas, reducing health care costs, supporting long-term treatment at home, reducing the need to travel to a hospital, and helping older adults to have more independence at home.

Telemedicine solutions and equipment presented

Regarding telemedicine solutions, EXO's bioengineer, Maria Eliana Rappallini, developed in depth the specifications of the Medical Diagnostic Center (CDM) created by the company.

"CDM is a telemedicine solution that allows you to record a 12-lead ECG, oximetry (SpO2), noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP) and surface temperature and share the data remotely in real time, while videoconferencing.

The CDM can also be used with our digital stethoscope and spirometer to complete the remote consultation," said Rappallini.

Medical Diagnostic Center (MDC)

Medical Diagnostic Center (MDC)

This solution is currently in Antarctica and was used by the White Helmets in Africa and Colombia (Venezuelan refugees), where it is used to facilitate the task of prevention and health control of the inhabitants.

"Telemedicine makes it possible to provide services not only in low complexity health centers, but also in these isolated places without the possibility of a quick diagnosis," explained the bioengineer.

Another of the technologies presented is aDistal EXO's telemedicine platform, which enables medical consultations between healthcare professionals to be carried out synchronously and asynchronously over the Internet.


The seminar was attended by specialists in Telehealth, including: Dr. Guillermo Schor-Landman of the Ibero-American Foundation of Telemedicine, Francesc Saigi Rubió of the Open University of Catalonia, Dr. Carlos Crisci, Professor of the Chair of Pneumology, Allergy and Immunology of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of Rosario, Guadalupe López professional of Argentina, Alejandro Camara of the Garrahan Hospital, Dr. Jorge Iván López Jaramillo of the Antioquia University of Colombia, Eng. Jorge Iván López Jaramillo from the Antioquia University of Colombia, Eng. Horacio Sagardoy from the National University of Litoral, Dr. Eng. José Mardones Fernández professional from Chile, Dr. Guillermo Bill from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Rosario, the Bioengineer Maria Eliana Rapallini, Medical Technologies Manager of EXO and Sebastián Toledo, Project Manager of EXO.