With the motto "Mother, look at us with tenderness, we want to unite as a people", the 48th pilgrimage to Luján took place on October 1 and 2.

EXO, Technological Solutions was summoned to provide 10 CDM (Mobile Diagnostic Center) teams, which were strategically distributed in the health posts along the 60 kilometers of the pilgrimage, these posts report to the COE, Emergency Operation Center, which is set up in the Lujan square, from where the 100 tents are monitored with the 6500 volunteers who help in health matters.

Excellent medical care in a cost-effective manner

Mobile Diagnostic Center (MDC) videoconferencing

Videoconference between the doctor at the Emergency Organizing Committee (COE) set up in Luján square, with one of the health posts.

The Mobile Diagnostic Center (CDM) was developed by EXO in collaboration with the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of Rosario (UNR).

It is a portable device that allows a paramedic, nurse or general practitioner to videoconference (via the Internet) with a specialist while performing and sharing four patient parameters (ECG, 12-lead Electrocardiogram; PANI, Non Invasive Blood Pressure; SpO2, Oximetry, Blood Oxygen Saturation; and TEMP, Surface Temperature) in real time.

The specialist can perform the videoconference and receive the parameters on any computer or mobile device. Recorded studies can also be sent for remote assistance asynchronously.

Images and videos of the experience

Pre-pilgrimage day, where the volunteers who used the CDM during the pilgrimage were trained.

Thus, the reception station was set up at the COE, from where SIES doctors received the parameters that were taken from the 10 CDMs strategically located in different health posts.

Fernando González, Social Responsibility and Sustainability Manager, personally covered the event. Among the 6500 volunteers assisting in the pilgrimage, there are municipalities providing support, laboratories, medical centers, rescuers, Red Cross, Hospital Italiano and Hospital Austral, among others.

At one of the stands we met Robertito Funes, who was interviewing pilgrims in different circumstances, here, a pilgrim was being attended by health personnel.


Some videos of the telemedicine experience in the pilgrimage to Luján

Problems viewing the video? Click here: https://youtu.be/kgLtyfdRJfI